Our Team

Our Team showcases high levels of hands on experience, garnered from years of time spent on complex custom building projects. We stress fundamental building principals and combine that with the creativity of our clients and architects. When these attributes are combined with a good attitude and an enduring work ethic it allows us the ability to tackle complex projects with logical solutions in a efficient and effective manner.

Our History

Hi, My name is Ryan Thompson I was raised in central Oregon and grew up loving the outdoors and working with my hands. There I was introduced to entrepreneurship at a young age through 4-H and not living near a gas station or grocery store forcing me to think outside the box for employment. After High school I went on to complete a B.S. Degree in chem with a emphasis in physics while challenging and fascinating, building molecules just never fulfilled my need for dirty hands and the outdoors.

Since that time I have spent my years working in all phases of residential construction purposefully soaking up every bit of knowledge that I could so that some day I could have my own business doing what I love. Here in the Gallatin Valley I have had the good fortune to work with some of the most talented and creative people I have ever met, craftsmen, builders and architects. We have learned over the years the shear nature of these one of a kind custom homes that are built in this beautiful and rugged, environment requires a unique team. One that can endure and excell in a physically and mentally demanding situations. We have been able to assemble such a team that meets and exceeds those requirements and can meet challenges at all levels physically enduring the elements and comprehending the complexity.

This brings me to the reason for our name Triangle T construction. Having a math background has taught me that once one has the fundamentals down complex problems can be broke down into a series of simple steps that provide logical solutions. The triangle is a fundamental shape with endless uses that has propelled mankind from the beginning, whether it be the construction of the pyramids or navigation of vast expanses it is a fundamental shape of our species and civilization as we know it. Even with all the technologies that we enjoy today the triangle is still a bedrock of strong rigid construction

Our Specialties

Our specialties are custom building projects to say homes would be inaccurate in our spectrum of projects which you will see below in the gallery. They range from remote ranch bridges on the high windy plains near Willsal. Bunk houses that are custom to the max yet look period specific, retrofitting newer metal barns to more accurately blend in the landscape. Some of our projects are blend of rustic and modern Ski cabins, From the Bridgers to Big Sky and the Yellowstone Club. There was even a helicopter barn. Where we excel is taking the dream that the client and architect have crafted and making it a reality in a straight forward and transparent process